Carnie Matisonn’s Preface to “The Marrow of My Soul,” by Multi Award Winning Photographer and Artist Veronica Coetzer

The Marrow of My Soul is Veronica Coetzer’s original and innovative creation of 15 photographs exposing her ability as a photographic artist. Her images fulfill a creative vision of an absolute surrealist with each segment of her photographs alternatively reflecting spontaneous thought and premeditated deliberations.

With titles such as The Ruins of Dreams, Growing up Beside me, Between the Shadow and the Soul, The Black Moon, The Conundrum, A Land of Dreams, and Silently Without Hope, Veronica experiments with free association of random images that she brings together with inspirational juxtaposition.

Her compilation is an exploration of revolutionary energies of dreams, hallucinations, personal experiences, fears, aspirations, and sexual repressions and desires.

Veronica aspires towards a synthesis of physical perception and mental representation.

Her magnificent works embrace Freudian surrealism born out of an awareness of the photographic artist’s potential to perfect techniques which invalidate the ambition of merely reproducing reality.

The Marrow of My Soul releases the creative potential of her unconscious mind. She joins dreams with reality and creates fantastic imagery with incongruous juxtaposition of her subject matter.

Veronica removes images from their context and reassembles them within a paradoxical and often shocking framework.

She perceives a crisis in values, and perceptions and responds with a revision of values and attempts to break down the boundaries between rational and irrational.

The viewer will experience a range of emotions that are often disturbing and indicative of man’s need to appreciate the wonders of nature, and reform those aspects of human behaviour that transgress acceptable boundaries.

The Marrow of My Soul is an expose of the artist’s ability to harness a sequence of traumatic experiences and present a 21st century surrealist’s solution.

Her compilation of photographs raises the bar of surrealistic photography to the level of interest that rocked the 20th century with the advent of Freudian revelations and Gestalt psychology.

Veronica’s photographic exhibition is a tribute to her depth of experience and artistic ingenuity that will earn her well -deserved accolades in the world of photography.

-Carnie Matisonn